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This e4 website and its use are subject to the following terms which all accessors, users, and otherwise, accept by default by use. If accessors, users, or otherwise, do not accept these terms, the website should be exited and not used.

Visitors of any kind are permitted to view and share contents of this site for non-commercial personal purposes, and distribution or use of the site and its content for any other purpose is prohibited unless expressly permitted by e4 in writing by an authorised person. No further rights, rights of use, licenses, or warranties are granted or otherwise applicable for the site and its contents.


e4 reserves all rights, including property rights of registered and unregistered and marked and unmarked material on this site and reserves the right to require return and deletion of this site and its contents. e4 also reserves the right to discontinue access to or provision of this site and its content at any time, and it is not responsible for ensuring information on this site, obvious, hidden, or otherwise, is up to date.

Visitors of any kind should assume that this site uses cookies and potentially other tracking mechanisms which may indefinitely store information, including for analysis.

Links to this website are not permitted without the written consent of an authorised person of e4.

Links to and material of third parties on this site must not be taken as an endorsement by, provision of appropriateness from, guarantee from, warranty from, or any other promise or responsibility of e4, which is likely to have limited or no control over such third parties. All content, including links to third party content must be approached with caution by visitors of any kind and at the sole risk and responsibility of visitors. Security vulnerabilities both at this site and in its content and in linked sites and content and mechanisms, must be assumed to potentially exist and access is at the role risk, responsibility, and discretion of the user.

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Please contact for any current notices applicable to you.

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Please contact with a note of your jurisdiction for our latest applicable privacy policy.

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